Confiture Parisienne - Mirabelle Plum / Saffron

Confiture Parisienne

Confiture Parisienne - Mirabelle Plum / Saffron
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Watch out: fresh fruits of the season! The Mirabelle plum of the Lorraine region is among the most ephemeral fruits: it last six weeks and then it is gone. We really like this fugacity at “La Confiture Parisienne”. And to make it even more rare we combined it with one of the most sought-after spices, saffron. After it has been carefully dried, we mix it with the precious Mirabelle halves that have been cut by hand, we let it infuse for 24 hours, before we cook it in pot. The combination of Mirabelle and Saffron it is like tasting a summer magnified with exotic notes. Like the taste of Indian summer so to speak.


250g / 9oz. Total sugar : 59%. Fruits : 62%.

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