Médecine Douce



In 2000 Marie Montaud launched Medecine Douce: a delicate world, teeming with stories that have quirky touches. 

The immediate success of the Charleston necklace, one of the mark’s signature pieces, has made the brand a hit with the media and top retail outlets. Following numerous collaborations with big names in fashion, Medecine Douce keeps on designing its style in its parisian workshop collaborating with French craftsmen : feather-makers, flower-makers, enamellers and embroiderers …With them, Medecine Douce creates products using mixtures of unexpected materials, constantly revitalised in a chic and bohemian spirit.

In 2007, after spending seven years showcasing its creations in some of the world’s top retail outlets, Medecine Douce set up shop in Paris on the rue de Marseille, in the heart of the Canal Saint-Martin district. The understated yet colourful shop manages to be both retro and contemporary, a reflection of the brand's jewellery and accessories. Inside this space designed by architects Flavia Fabbro and Philippe Delannoy, a workshop and shop operate in harmony like two lungs of the same body.


Beaurepaire by Medecine Douce 

In 2011, having worked in costume jewellery for 10 years, Marie dreamed of light, clean, reasonably priced gold jewellery, for everyday wear. 

Thus Beaurepaire emerged as part of Medecine Douce amid the remarkable setting of Canal Saint-Martin. A native of the district, Beaurepaire inherited the bohemian charm and gentle nonchalance of its inhabitants.

Sophisticated, slender, precious yet unobtrusive, the Beaurepaire range provides little touches of personal luxury. Hand-crafted, each unique item possesses the rare brilliance and timeless beauty of essential pieces that will always be treasured.

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