Flowers For Zoe

Scandinavian house end of the world, surrounded by lakes and soft, rounded shapes, where time stands still, giving way to serenity and love of beauty. Amid a design with clean shapes dotted with touches of color carefully laid beyond a bouquet of flowers arranged in pure Japanese Ikebana floral tradition: Flowers for Zoe.


Timeless Jewelry Flowers for Zoe are the perfect transcription of this art where harmony reigns of linear construction, rhythm and color. Materials are precious leather and porcelain are the fruit of knowledge of the best French craftsmen. They combine in the sketch to give birth to a timeless jewel, so easy to wear each can integrate easily with its own history. Time skating elegantly noble materials, the jewel can both be transmitted from mother to daughter. It is the wish of Caroline Delemazure whose work these noble materials is marked by a willingness to sustainability and intergenerational transmission.
Caroline Delemazure is a pragmatic artist. If her passion for beautiful objects, her attention to detail and customization of the universe come from her family history, including her grandmother a painter, it was in 2003 that she decided to devote herself full-time to china painting, firstly through the tableware. Caroline will turn quickly to the gem to make this close to her heart: sublime and collect a whole line of women, each acting on its own history and setter valuable knowledge.

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