Bed and Philosophy

Twenty years of experience as a stylist in ready to wear woman and child has given Sonia Provost the impulse to create Bed and Philosophy in 2009, a brand of authentic and delicate bed linen.
She lives near Toulouse, in Guitalens, in the southwest of France.


Linen was her first reaction as it reminds the beautiful linens of the old days while meeting our current concerns.
Its culture does indeed requires no pesticides or irrigation.
Linen is beautiful. It renders colors beautifully. Linen is fresh, soft crude fiber and naturally creases.
All pillow are made in France, all linen are made in Portugal.
With a wide range halftone: feather, storm, taupe, kraft, blue gray stuff that occasionally highly anticipated trends in fashion colors: stabilot, twilight, khaki ... powdered. We play the colors, blends are mixed depending on the mood.
It accumulates the square pillows, round and rectangular in sobriety and opulence.

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