Atelier Saint-Loup

The project and the brand Saint Loup are a natural evolution of the creation's work of Isabelle Pierrès.

Stylist installed in Nantes, she develops by craftsmen accessories and leather. Initially established of some friend, buyers' privileged circle quickly gave way to a real clientele faithful and happy to be able to acquire objects personalized, coordinated and made "à la carte".

Very quickly the order book does not empty any more, and it becomes necessary and logical to transform this confidential activity into a real work in a workshop.

Two other persons enter the project: her companion Michel Le Page, graphic designer and illustrator, and a long-time Parisian friend Jean-Philippe Marie de Chastenay, Web entrepreneur. They share the desire for a creative and modern project while protecting the authenticity of the traditional techniques, a high-end small business sector crafts with a new approach, of their reflections and discussions were born the brand and the concept of the Workshop St Loup.


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