Anne Sophie Boué

The useful and the beautiful?
This is the case of the porcelain ceramist Anne-Sophie Boué.
She worked for several years on decorative pieces
as everyday objects for tea tasting and coffee.

It is a favorite for the delicacy of her line.
Her plays with organic shapes are often decorated
with a pattern inspired by nature.
Turned by hand, each cup is unique. Its board is both an end and hemmed.
The decoration is made with a brush before cooking.
Dandelions and corals are oxides. Thicker branches
put in several layers to get the relief.
 It is in her studio that Anne-Sophie performs the first 7 hours of cooking
which requires a cooling day.

Each cup is waxed over the entire matte surface so that the enamel is deposited
only in the drawing. Then the inside is glazed by soaking.
One last 8 hours cooking is necessary as a final stage.
 This collection reflects the traditional know-how, the highly sought "made in France".

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