A Piece of Chic

A Piece Of Chic (Registered Trademark by LE GONES CLUB SARL company) is a french label of silk scarves made in the southeast of France in a town called
Lyon, where silk printing has been a tradition since the Renaissance.
A Piece of Chic was founded in 2012 by Sébastien Chirpaz, ex sales and marketing director at www.april77.fr denim label. It is for him the
way to express his deep passion for clothing, music, architecture, design, cars…from the 30ies to the early 60ies while capitalizing on local ressources.
More than 80% of their cost of good is generated by local artisans and printers. Even the packaging is made in our good old home town, Lyon.
"We believe that's our duty to maintain and support that local heritage!", he says.
And to mention it with elegance, they have designed their own label « Coquetterie Lyonnaise » that you can find on their packaging and communication tools.
The designs are mainly inspired from vintage patterns from the 1930's to the 1960's. They intend to inspire men and women to wear scarves like our
grandparents used to in the glorious ages when elegance was a lifestyle and a discipline.
His inspiration comes from architecture, design, cars and motorbike cultures, music, cinema, history... They are not just printing colors on silk but telling stories!




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